12 Gadgets of Christmas
We are excited to annouce our Annual 12 Gadgets of Christmas list for Christmas 2016!

1.) Stainless Steel Watermelon Slicer -
We know that this is a summer item, but we've had so many requests for these! Counter tops stay clean as you neatly slice, lift and serve watermelon right from the rind with this handy tool. Just place tool claw down to sweep through watermelon, slicing all the way to the rind. Then flip the tool and use like tongs to lift out the one inch wide slices. Less mess, less waste. Dishwasher safe. $7.99

2.) Spoon-ita, Taco Spoon -
Hate struggling to get fillings in tacos? With this you can easily fill taco shells and layer all your favorite ingredients from ground beef to sour cream. Quick and efficient. Less mess, less shell breakage. Great for taco bars and feasts. Use two together to toss and serve salad.

3.) Taco Amigo -
This is a great item to pair with the spoonita! Props up tacos to prevent spills and shell breakage. Works for Hard or soft shell and allows for more room on your plate. Microwave and dishwasher safe.
$1.09 each

4.) Veggie Pasta Maker -
Make fresh and healthy veggie spaghetti or wide ribbon noodles with the flip of a switch. Great for zucchini, yellow squash, carrots and cucumbers.

5.) Clip 'n Date -
This one was Laura's pick. Adjustable month and date wheels help you keep track of how long bags have been open. Super strong spring holds clip extra tight to seal in freshness. Non-slip grip keeps clip securely on bags.

6.) Flip Grater -
Extra sharp fine and ultra fine etched grating surfaces. Perfect for zesting citrus, grating Parmesan, garlic, ginger and nutmeg. Grating surfaces fold into handle for storage.

7.) Spice Bands -
Lori's pick this year. Clearly identify spice bottle to easily locate spices in your cabinet or drawer. 16 popular spices are printed onto the bands with 4 blank bands to write in your own spice names. Flexible to fit any shape cap. Silicone bands allow for better grip on bottle caps.

8.) Twist 'n Spout -
What a fun name for a fun gadget! Simply twist the spiral end into your favorite citrus fruit and squeeze - fresh juice will flow from the spout. Dishwasher safe.

9.) Veggie Scrub -
The perfect way to clean fruits, vegetables and delicate herbs. Place produce inside the Veggie Scrub, hold under running water, rotate and rub to exfoliate away dirt, wax and pesticides. Approved by Cooking Club of America.

10.) Tortilla Warmer -
Not necessarily thought of as a gadget, but we were so impressed with how well this works. Keeps tortillas soft and warm for more than one hour. Holds up to 15 at once.

11.) Flex Pot Clip -
Integrated slots for thin handle tools. Flexible to fit any pot. Designed for all handle shapes. Comes in three fun colors.
$8.99 each

12.) Pot Drainer -
Great for small kitchens and campers or for people that don't like colanders. Works great  for sauce pans and cook pots up to 9.5". Dishwasher safe. Available in four fun colors.
$4.99 each

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